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Abstract patterned ceramic fruit bowl

Abstract patterned ceramic fruit bowl

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This unique fruit bowl with a deep blue, terracotta and white design is a true work of art.   Handcrafted by Clare, a visually impaired artist, it showcases her incredible talent and attention to detail. The design is meticulously built up using terracotta slip and paper stencils, and enhanced with a blue underglaze pencil. The final touch is the application of blue, white, and transparent glazes, giving the bowl a stunning finish.

Artist – Clare Sapherson

Dimensions – approx. diameter- 28cm, height- 13cm

All our art is meticulously handmade by our Artmakers, please note that deliveries are dispatched weekly, so variations in delivery times may occur. Your patience is truly appreciated as we strive to bring you unique, crafted pieces. Please be aware our pottery items are not dishwasher safe.


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