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Purring Cat Risograph Print

Purring Cat Risograph Print

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Limited Edition, Run of 30

Risograph duplicators are renowned for delivering some of the best colour and texture you can find in print, and the Risograph creative community extends beyond artists, illustrators and graphic designers to independent publishing houses and art institutions.

This is a print of an original lino print created for our mythical beasts exhibition at Knaresborough castle. The bright colours and strong lines create a visually striking piece. Whether youre an animal lover like Julie, or love bold colours, this piece is sure to capture everyone's attention.  

Artist – Julie

Dimensions – 23cm x 17cm on A4 paper

All our art is meticulously handmade by our Artmakers, please note that deliveries are dispatched weekly, so variations in delivery times may occur. Your patience is truly appreciated as we strive to bring you unique, crafted pieces.

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